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To sort by a different column, click on the column heading Updated: 10/15/2005
Company Product Version Date Platform Price
Altova UModel 2005 05/2005 Windows $129
  UML 2.0, Java round-trip engineering
AndroMDA AndroMDA 3 05/2005 Java VM $0
  Open-source MDA tool generates J2EE/EJB code
Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Web Services, reads XMI
Aonix Ameos 1 09/2003 Windows, Linux n/a
  Supports MDA, UML 2.0 Profiles, generates C, C++, Ada, Java
Aonix Software through Pictures UML 8.3.1 03/2003 Windows, Linux n/a
  Supports MDA, generates C, C++, Ada, Java
Arion Software UML2COM 1 02/2001 Windows $990
  integration tool for VC++/C++, add in for Rational Rose, COM+ code generator
Artisan Real-time Modeler 4.3 06/2003 Windows $2495
  real-time modeling, multi-user object repository, UML 2.0 template packages
Artisan Real-time Studio Professional 4.3 06/2003 Windows n/a
  adds round-trip engineering for C, C++, Java, ADA, Spark
DOORS integration, state machine animation
Artiso Artiso Visual Case 2.6 01/2004 Java VM $449
  CASE tool provides both UML and database design, SQL editing
Atos Origin Delphia Object Modeler (D.OM) 3.2.6 02/2001 Windows $0
  auto-generation of functional prototypes from UML models, XMI,
class and state diagrams, report generation
BOUML BOUML 2.5.5 09/2005 Windows, Unix $0
  open-source, UML 2.0, Java, C++, IDL, HTML documentation generation
import Rational Rose, high performance
Beto Software IntelliUML Teresa 2 10/2005 Java VM $499
  UML class and sequence diagrams, integrated with IntelliJ, XMI 1.2, PNG
Borland Together Edition for Visual Studio .NET 2005 05/2005 VS .NET $1500
  integration of Together with Visual Studio .NET
Borland Together Designer 2006 09/2005 Java VM $3495
  BPMN, UML 2.0, only supports a designer role (no code view)
Borland Together Architect 2006 09/2005 Java VM $11500
  BPMN, MDA, QVT, OCL, UML 2.0, metrics, audits, code-model synchronization
CanyonBlue Konesa Modeler 1 06/2001 Java VM n/a
  web-based, collaborative, multi-user tool
Codagen Codagen Architect 3.2 05/2003 Windows n/a
  OMG MDA-compliant tool generates code from UML models
Computer Associates AllFusion Component Modeler 4 01/2000 Windows, Unix n/a
  multiple code generations, object database repository, data modeling integration
formerly Paradigm Plus
Compuware OptimalJ 3.1 12/2003 Java VM n/a
  leading MDA/UML tool generates J2EE/EJB code from UML models, reads XMI
Dia Dia 0.91 03/2003 Linux $0
  Gnome Visio-like diagram tool with a UML template, export as SVG!
Documentator Documentator 4 01/2002 Windows $89
  generate documentation from Rose 2000 to MS Word
EctoSet EctoSet Modeller 2.2 05/2003 Windows $85
  Visio-like feel, scripting for code generation
Eldean AB ESS-Model 2.2 01/2003 Windows $0
  generate class diagrams from Java and Kylix code, XMI export, HTML generation
open-source, GNU GPL license
Embarcadero Describe 6 05/2003 Windows n/a
  based on GDPro, integrates with leading Java IDE's, EJB Support
markerless round-trip engineering, patterns support
Excel Software QuickUML 1.1 06/2003 Windows $495
  entry-level tool supports a core set of UML diagrams, XMI
Excel Software Win A&D Standard 3.5 09/2003 Windows $495
  CRC card support, component modeling, requirements tracking
Excel Software Mac A&D Desktop 7.4 07/2002 MacOS $1295
  Macintosh version of Win A&D
Excel Software Win A&D Desktop 3.5 09/2003 Windows $1295
  adds forward-engineering for Java, Delphi, C++, Ada, scripting, state models
Fujaba Fujaba 4 12/2003 Java VM $0
  open-source GNU GPL license, forward and reverse engineering for Java
University of Paderborn project
Gentleware Poseidon for UML - Community 3.2 10/2005 Java VM $0
  9 UML diagrams, XMI 1.2, SVG, code generation for Java
Gentleware Poseidon for UML – Standard 3.2 10/2005 Java VM $249
  adds HTML and Word documentation generation, supports plugins, printing
export to Windows clipboard
Gentleware Poseidon for UML - Professional 3.2 10/2005 Java VM $875
  adds plug-ins for JavaDoc, reverse-engineering JAR files, Java code synchronization
code generation templates, Eclipse integration
Honeywell DOME 5.3 03/2000 Smalltalk $0
  extensible notations, GNU GPL license, written in Smalltalk!
FTP site for exchanging models
I-Logix Rhapsody Developer Edition 5 09/2003 Windows n/a
  real-time, embedded, C, C++, Java, Ada, multi-user, XMI, UML 2.0!
IBM-Rational Rose XDE Developer for Visual Studio 2004 12/2004 Windows $2495
  C#, fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET, patterns support, round-trip engineering
IBM-Rational Rose XDE Developer for Java 2004 12/2004 Windows $2495
  Java, fully integrated with IBM Websphere Studio and Eclipse
J2EE support, patterns support, round-trip engineering
IBM-Rational Rose Technical Developer 2004 12/2004 Windows $5995
  real-time modeling based on ObjecTime technology
IDS Scheer AG Aris UML Designer 6.2.1 01/2004 Java VM n/a
  links with Aris business process modeling, web browser interface
to multiuser repository
Ideogramic Ideogramic UML, Desktop Edition 2.3.2 08/2002 Windows, Linux $1160
  C++ and Java reverse engineering, XMI, image export, documentation generation
class, use case, sequence and state diagrams
Ideogramic Ideogramic UML, Whiteboard Edition 2.3.2 08/2002 Windows $5195
  adds innovative input scheme using gestures on large whiteboards
Insoft Prosa 2004 UML Modeler 2004 08/2003 Windows, Unix $1975
  C++, C#, Java, SQL code generation, .NET, J2EE, J2ME support
Interactive Objects ArcStyler Enterprise Edition 5.1 09/2005 Java VM n/a
  leading MDA/UML tool generates J2EE/EJB code from UML models, reads XMI
Jaczone WayPointer 3 09/2003 Java VM n/a
  agent-assisted UML modeling, integrates with Rational XDE, follows RUP
Jude Jude Professional 2.3.1 08/2005 Java VM $280
  Java reverse engineering, import from Rational Rose, ASCII/JIS text diagrams
Mindmaps, XMI import/export, Eriksson-Penker Process Diagrams
Kennedy-Carter iUML 2.2 02/2003 Windows, Unix $3000
  produce executable UML models using a formal action language,
includes code generator and simulator tools
Logic Explorers Code Logic 1.5 01/2004 Java VM $295
  reverse engineer Java class and sequence diagrams,
plugin support for IntelliJ, Eclipse, JBuilder and JDeveloper
MID GmbH INNOVATOR 8.1 06/2002 Windows, Unix n/a
  multiuser online repository, report generation, roundtrip enginering, XMI/XML
data modelling, IBM WebSpere /Eclipse Integration
MagicDraw MagicDraw UML Standard 10 10/2005 Java VM $499
  UML 2.0 metamodel, Swing GUI, HTML generation
read Rose models, XMI 2.1, SVG, XSLT, EJB, OCL, .NET
Use Case Specification templates for RTF, PDF
MagicDraw MagicDraw UML Professional 10 10/2005 Java VM $899
  adds forward and reverse engineering for Java, C++, IDL
Eclipse code-model synchronization, reverse-engineer sequence diagrams
MagicDraw MagicDraw UML Enterprise 10 10/2005 Java VM $1599
  adds forward and reverse engineering for EJB 2.1, XML Schema,
Magna Solutions Silverrun ModelSphere 2.1 12/2003 Java VM $189
  forward and reverse engineer Java code to class diagrams,
integrates with data and process modeling
MasterCraft MasterCraft Component Modeler 5 06/2002 Windows n/a
  supports all UML diagrams, multi-user repository, scripting support
HTML generation, round-trip engineering
Mega International Mega Suite 5.2 10/2000 Windows n/a
  supports Delphi, Forte, Java, VB, XML
MetaCase Consulting MetaEdit+ 3   Windows, Unix $4500
  multi-user object repository, customizable meta-tool, report generation;
Java, C++, Smalltalk, IDL, Delphi, SQL
MetaMatrix MetaBase Modeler 2.1 03/2002 Windows n/a
  metadata modeler supports Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), XMI, UML-MOF models
Metamill Software Metamill 3 06/2003 Windows $125
  low-cost tool, index file based shared repository, scripting
round-trip engineering for Java, C++, C#, XMI 1.2
Metanology MDE for UML 1 08/2003 Java VM $999
  generate EJB and Struts code directly from UML models using MDA MetaPrograms
MicroTOOL ObjectiF 4.7 11/2002 Windows $2500
  VB scripting, C++, Java, IDL, XMI, integration with Jbuilder, patterns support
Microgold Software WithClass Professional 2000 03/2001 Windows $495
  multiple code generation, Python scripting!
now supports C#
Microgold Software WithClass Enterprise 2000 03/2001 Windows $800
  adds VBA support for scripting
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 1 02/2002 Windows $2500
  supports 8 UML diagrams through Visio integration
Microsoft Visio Visio 2002 Professional 2002 03/2001 Windows $499
  C++, VB reverse engineering, MS Visual Studio
Model-in-Action MIA-Generation Developer Edition 4 06/2003 Windows $3000
  code generation engine works with MIA-Generation Architect Edition
plugins for Eclipse, JBuilder or VisualStudio
Model-in-Action MIA-Generation Architect Edition 4 06/2003 Windows $10000
  IDE for building code generators, reads XMI and Rational MDL files
ModelMaker Tools ModelMaker 6.2 08/2002 Delphi $269
  forward and reverse engineering for Delphi, GOF design patterns
Modelistic Modelistic 1.1 08/2000 Java VM $299
  round-trip engineering for Java
Nasra Consulting J2U 1.3.3 06/2003 Java VM $499
  dynamic reverse engineering, creates sequence diagrams from Java code traces
Novosoft Novosoft UML Library 1.4 12/2001 Java VM $0
  open-source library which supports the UML 1.3 metamodel
persistence using XMI, integrated with ArgoUML
Novosoft FL 0.5.5 02/2002 Java VM n/a
  develop Java object persistence from class diagrams
Rational Rose add-in, supports OQL, supports major DBMS
Object Domain Systems Object Domain Standard 3 12/2002 Java VM $495
  forward and reverse engineering for C++, Java, Python,
SVG, Python scripting, educational pricing available
Object Domain Systems Object Domain Professional 3 12/2002 Java VM $995
  adds multi-user repository, round-trip engineering for Java, HTML generation
Object Insight JVISION 2.1 10/2001 Java VM $499
  reverse-engineering of Java, integration with Visual Café, HTML generation
9 UML diagrams plus robustness diagram, XMI export
Object Plant Object Plant 3.3.2 05/2003 MacOS $35
  shareware, class, state, use case diagrams, C++, Java
Objective Ideas AB JSequence 1 08/2002 Java VM $149
  create sequence diagrams automatically from java source, XMI export
Omondo EclipseUML 1.2.1 10/2002 Java VM $0
  eclipse.org plugin for UML integration with WebSphere Studio, XMI file format
Oracle JDeveloper 9 10/2002 Java VM $0
  class and activity diagrams, Java round-trip engineering, XMI export
Pacestar UML Diagrammer 4.15 05/2003 Windows $239
  basic UML diagrams, web publishing, JPG export
Plastic Software Plastic 2003 05/2003 Java VM $297
  forward and reverse engineering for Java, HTML generation, model validation
Popkin System Architect 8.8 08/2002 Windows n/a
  round-trip engineering for Java, C++, VBA, XML
data modeling, Microsoft repository support, scripting, DOORS support
Pragsoft Corporation UML Studio 7.1 06/2003 Windows $500
  forward and reverse engineering for C++, Java, IDL, scripting tools, auto-save!
Prism International Simply Objects Professional Modeler 3.5 09/2003 Windows $1040
  round-trip engineering for Delphi, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Java, C++, C#, Corba, VB.NET
diagram export, report generator, multi-user
Project Technology BridgePoint 5 04/2001 Windows, Unix n/a
  UML models compiled to executable code, supports Shlaer-Mellor method
model verification through animation
ProxySource ProxyDesigner 1 12/2000 Windows $0
  publish UML models directly to online forums
SDMetrics SDMetrics 1.1 05/2003 Java VM $99
  analysis tool producing a wide range of OO metrics, imports XMI files
Select Business Solutions Component Architect 4.3 05/2003 Windows $3500
  component design, data modeling integration, business process modeling
round-trip engineering for C++, Java, Forte, VB
Softeam Objecteering Personal Edition 5.2 11/2002 Windows, Unix $0
  free, base version; includes XMI support
Softeam Objecteering Personal Edition / Java 5.2 11/2002 Windows, Unix $859
  adds round-trip engineering for Java
Softeam Objecteering Project Edition 5.2 11/2002 Windows, Unix $1569
  full-featured product without multi-user repository support
Softeam Objecteering Enterprise Edition 5.2 11/2002 Windows, Unix $2569
  adds parameterized code generation, multi-user repository,
data modeling, design patterns, metrics
Softera SoftModeler Standard 3.6 08/2002 Java VM $245
  base model
Softera SoftModeler Professional 3.6 08/2002 Java VM $495
  adds EJB support, round-trip synchronization, XMI export
Softera SoftModeler Enterprise 3.6 08/2002 Java VM $995
  Adds multi-user, shared repository, model simulation
sequence-diagram animation
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Professional 6.1 02/2006 Windows $199
  use cases, contracts (pre/post conditions), round-trip engineering for C++, C#, Java, VB.Net
multi-user, project estimation, free UML tutorial
UML 2.0 support, XMI import/export, MDA, BPMN, VS 2005 MDG
Sybase PowerDesigner 9.5 10/2002 Windows $5990
  object/relational design using class diagrams, repository support
includes use case and sequence diagrams, EJB 2.0 !
TNI-Valiosys OpenTool 3.2 01/2001 Windows, Unix n/a
  forward engineering for C++, Java, Smalltalk, reverse engineering for Java,
multiple documentation generations
Tassc Estimator / manager 2003 09/2003 Windows $4900
  project estimation and scheduling tool based on OO criteria,
interfaces to Rational Rose, Select Enterprise, Together Control Center
Telelogic ObjectGeode 4.1 06/1999 Windows, Unix n/a
  real-time modeling, multiple RTOS targets, generates C, C++
Telelogic Tau UML Suite 4.4 06/2002 Windows n/a
  real-time modeling, UML to SDL translation, XMI
acquired COOL:Jex from Sterling Software, DOORS from QSS
Tigris ArgoUML 0.14.1 12/2003 Java VM $0
  open-source project, written in Java, run-time model critique, OCL, XMI
reverse engineering for Java
Tojosoft d.vine 1 04/2002 Delphi $69
  reverse-engineering of Object Pascal (Delphi)
Tri-Pacific Software Rapid RMA 5.2 11/2001 Java VM n/a
  simulation and test for real-time UML
integrates with Rational's Rose RealTime and I-Logix Rhapsody
UMLGraph UMLGraph 3.2 07/2005 Java VM $0
  generate class diagrams using declarative Java syntax
UMLet UMLet 5.5 10/2005 Java VM $0
  open-source UML class and sequence diagrams, export to JPG, SVG, PDF
UMT-QVT UMT-QVT 0.7 10/2003 Java VM $0
  MDA tool uses XMI Light and XSLT or Java to generate WSDL, EJB Xdoclet, Java interfaces
Umbrello Umbrello UML Modeller 1.1 10/2002 Linux $0
  KDE-based open-source program in C++, XMI file format, PNG export
Unimodeler Unimodeler 1.2 08/2002 Linux $0
  supports all 9 UML diagrams, GTK (Gnome) based, postscript printing
Visible Systems Visible Analyst 7.6   Windows n/a
  multi-user repository, web publishing
Visual Object Modelers Visual UML Standard Edition 3.1 05/2003 Windows $495
  C++, C# and Java code generation and reverse engineering, data modeling
Visual Object Modelers Visual UML Standard Edition for VB 3.1 05/2003 Windows $795
  adds VB support, VB round-trip engineering
Visual Object Modelers Visual UML Plus Edition for VB 3.1 05/2003 Windows $995
  includes VBA, MS Repository 2.0 support
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm for UML Community 4.1 02/2005 Java VM $0
  free version with restrictions
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm for UML Standard 4.1 02/2005 Java VM $299
  UML 2.0, Java forward engineering, HTML and PDF generation
XMI import, Rose import, viewlet demos
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm for UML Professional 4.1 02/2005 Java VM $699
  adds Java IDE integration for Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBuilder, NetBeans
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm for UML Enterprise 4.1 02/2005 Java VM $1399
  adds ORM, ERD, EJB
Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment 2.1 02/2005 Java VM $1399
  like Visual Paradigm, tightly integrated w/ IntelliJ, Eclipse, JBuilder, Netbeans
Wilde Technologies Wilde Architecture Implementation Platform 1 05/2002 Windows $2999
  develop distributed, component-based software systems using UML diagrams
XJ Technologies AnyStates 3 09/2002 Java VM $490
  graphical UML state-chart editor, generates C++, Java, C#
run-time with state-chart debugger
yWorks yDoc 2.1 05/2003 Java VM $129
  create Java API documentation with embedded UML diagrams, SVG!