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Title:Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Development
Author:Bruce Webster
Summary: If your object-oriented project is in a rut, read this book to find out what went wrong and, frequently, how to fix it. If you are starting your first object-oriented project, get your hands on this book and you will be well-prepared for everything that the rest of us found out the hard way.
Focus:O-O Project Management
Audience:Management, Architects, Developers
Style:Very clear and to the point, and sprinkled throughout with the author's wry sense of humor. Each pitfall follows the author's own 'pitfall pattern'; this keeps the reader focused and allows for quick, bite-sized readings.
Quotes:"A good visual image for a well-designed object class is of a hard, curved, solid shape - a capsule if you will - with several access ports that require standard connectors."

"Unfortunately, our objects are not always that clean and solid. Indeed, at times they bear a greater resemblance to an amorphous organic mass in a laboratory, floating in liquid, with tubes, wires, and probes running into it at various points. Kind of disgusting, isn't it?"