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Welcome to Objects by Design, a site dedicated to bringing you valuable information about the world of object-oriented design and programming.

Head First Design Patterns is the newest book in the popular Head First series. Read our interviews with co-authors Kathy Sierra and Eric Freeman to find out how learning theory has made this innovative book on design patterns fun to read.

Compuware's OptimalJ is one of the leading MDA tools. Read Part 1 of our OptimalJ review for details on what makes a good MDA tool.

Zicom Systems recently released Mentor - Visual Dictionary UML 2.0, a fully interactive, browser-based, electronic reference for the full UML 2.0 specification. Read our interview with Zicom Systems founder Stephen Maguire to read what makes this online UML reference so unique.

Sparx Systems recently released Enterprise Architect 6.1, one of the first UML tools to extensively support the new UML 2.0 specification. Read our interview with Sparx Systems CEO and founder Geoffrey Sparks for some insights on this new release.


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Choosing the right UML tool can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are many products to choose from on the market today. How do you choose?
Choosing a UML Modeling Tool.
Choisir un outil de modÈlisation UML.
Seleccionando una herramienta de modelaje UML.

What are the UML tools on the market? There are a lot! And they provide an interesting array of features.
Selection list of UML tools.
Updated: 10/15/2005

SVG is the emerging Scalable Vector Graphics standard from the W3C. What does a UML diagram look like rendered with SVG?
SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics
Graphics Model in SVG. (Requires an SVG plug-in)

In our first in-depth review of a UML modeling tool, we apply our own UML Modeling Tool selection criteria to Together/J from TogetherSoft. How does it stand up?
Together/J, A Review in Progress

Open Source UML
What happens when you bring the UML to open source software? Let's see...
Open Source Software Models

In the post-PC era the use of info-appliances is proliferating. Many of these host real-time or embedded systems. How do you develop object-oriented real-time systems? An industry veteran tells us how it's done.
OO CASE Tools for R-T/E Development.


Python is fast growing as an elegant and powerful object-oriented language. Can the UML help Python developers?
Python + UML = ?
Python + UML Example
Python Link Collection.

Most professions today have certification requirements. How about object-oriented design and programming? Find out about UML certification.
UML Certification?


Our newest project, the Object-Oriented Calculator, is a Java example which we hope will serve the developer community as a tutorial for both the UML as well as the principles of object-oriented design.
Object-Oriented Calculator

You've worked hard on your UML model and now you want to publish it for others to use. In our first project, Transforming XMI to HTML, we show you how to use XSL stylesheets to do the job.
Transforming XMI to HTML
Revised: 1/10/2001

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a good code example worth? We invite you to view our XSLT tutorial, XSLT by Example.
XSLT by Example


Check out our favorite books about object-orientation:
Recommended Books.

The UML describes a notation but not a process. What is the process? Author Craig Larman has a candidate in his book Applying UML and Patterns.

Read author David A. Taylor's comments on our in-depth review of Object Technology: A Manager's Guide. Dr. Taylor provides new insights into the encapsulation of rules within objects.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock's recent book, Object Design, includes refreshing insights on responsibilities, collaborations and software flexibility. Read our recent interview with the author on these themes.